Mountain Mayhem VII

Welcome to Mountain Mayhem VII, A five-round 9th Age Fantasy Battles singles event using the latest rules for “The 9th Age” as can be found here: We will be using the rules available as of October 1st, including the two “alpha” armies (Dread Elves and Vermin Swarm)

9th Age Grand Tournament Saturday, October 16th to Sunday, October 17th

The entrance fee is 50$ if paid before October 1st, 60$ if paid after October 1st. Payment to be made via paypal to

The event will be held at:
Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company #1
167 West Shirley Ave
Warrenton, VA 20186

Parking is located in the rear of the building and overflow is across the street at 170 West Shirley Ave (Doctor’s Offices)

BYOB : Beverages of all sorts permitted on-premises, there is a refrigerator for your use to keep your preferred beverage cool
Lunch will be brought in both days, pizza one day and subs/sandwiches the next. Please contact me at if you have dietary restrictions
Open Gaming Friday, October 15th, 3 pm – whenever. There will be several games run at the location.

We will be using The 9th Age rules version X.x (Whatever rules are available as of Oct 1st) the 16 standard army books will be allowed, including the two armies still in “Alpha” (Vermin Swarm and Dread Elves)
Armies are limited to 4,500 points.
The 9th Age documents are available here
Armies must be 100% painted to a three-color minimum. Unpainted armies will not be accepted. Reasonable proxies will be allowed. If you would like to use something out of the ordinary such as an army of shark models or chess pieces, please contact Gene at with photos for approval.

Army lists must be submitted before Midnight October 4th via email to
Lists must be submitted in New Recruit text format (see below)
Include your armies paint level (see painting scores for details)

Orcs and Goblins (paint level 2)
520 – Goblin Witch DoctorCommon Goblin and Light ArmourWolfWizard MasterWitchcraftDestiny’s CallMagical HeirloomObsidian Rock
155 – Goblin Witch DoctorCommon Goblin and Light ArmourGoblin Wolf ChariotWizard ApprenticeThaumaturgy
470 – Orc Warlord, General, Feral OrcWar BoarPaired Weapons (Shady Shanking), Light Armour (Tuktek’s Guard), Troll Ale FlaskPotion of Swiftness
330 – Orc ChiefFeral OrcWar BoarBattle Standard Bearer (Aether Icon), Paired Weapons (Shield Breaker), Light Armour (Essence of Mithril)
460 – 15x Orc Boar RidersFeral OrcShieldStandard Bearer (Banner of Speed), MusicianChampion
300 – 20x OrcsCommon OrcShieldHeavy Armour and CrossbowStandard BearerMusician
185 – 8x Goblin RaidersCommon GoblinShieldLight LanceBow
185 – 8x Goblin RaidersCommon GoblinShieldLight LanceBow
469 – 11x Mounted ‘EadbashersCommon OrcShieldLanceStandard Bearer (Flaming Standard), MusicianChampion
315 – 15x Iron OrcsMusician
135 – Gnasher Wrecking Team
135 – Gnasher Wrecking Team
525 – Gargantula, Web Launcher
315 – GiantGiant Club

Players will need to bring 6 copies of their list to the tournament, 1 for themselves and a copy for each of their opponents. These lists need to include at a minimum: unit name, qty, any upgrades, and unit cost. Players will earn a 1pt per game award for providing their opponent a printed copy of their list.

Incorrect lists or list changes will be subject to a -0 to -10 point penalty based on the judge’s decision. Lists corrected before the deadlines will not be penalized (ex: if you submit your list before Oct 4, and correct your mistake before Oct 4, there will be no penalty). The date you correct your list will be considered the date you submitted it.

Changing your list will be handled just like correcting it, the date it is changed will be the date it was submitted.
Lists will be released on or before Oct 10, No list may be changed after the lists have been released.

Friday – Open Gaming (3 pm – whenever)
        Saturday                         Sunday
Doors open 8:00AM               Doors open 8:00AM
Game 1: 9:00 – 12:00            Game 4: 9:00 – 12:00
Lunch Break: 12:00 – 1:00      Lunch Break: 12:00 – 1:00
Game 2: 1:00 – 4:00               Game 5: 1:00 – 4:00
Game 3: 4:15 – 7:15               Awards Ceremony: 4:15

Painting Scores
Painting Score: (These scores will be submitted by the players and adjusted by the TO. If a paint judge can be found, the judge can add or subtract 1 or 2 points from this base score)
Level 1 – 0 = Three-color, basic paint (anything less is not allowed)
Level 2 – +5 = All models painted above 3-color minimum, all matching bases, bases flocked or textured, units a fair representation of what they are, not just proper base size. (A tuna can on a 50×100 base does not qualify)
Level 3 – +8 = Top painted army

Voting Scores
Players will be asked to vote on their favorite army, this can be based on paint, theme, or even composition. Players will receive 3 sportsmanship points for voting.
At the end of the tournament, you will also choose your favorite opponent who will receive 2 points, you will also pick your second favorite who will receive 1 point. Players turning in the Favorite opponent sheet will receive 3 Sportsmanship points.

Bonus Score Summary
List submitted on or before October 4 : +5 points
Payment received on or before October 1 : +5 points
Voting for Best Sports : 3 points
Voting for favorite Army : 3 points
Providing a printed copy of your list to your opponent : 1 Point per Game
Being at your table and ready at the start of the round : 1 Point per Game
Models are a fair representation the unit : 1 Point per Game
Turning in your Scoresheet by the end of the round : 3 Points per Game

Total of 16 Bonus points available that all players should receive, plus up to 6 points per game for finishing on time and having a copy of your list for your opponent.

The ability to make a game enjoyable for your opponent, win or lose, is a key component of the hobby. It is also critical to the success of a tournament. To recognize this, sportsmanship will factor into the Best Overall and Best Sportsmanship awards and will be one of the tie-breakers for other awards.
After each game, each player will award their opponent 1 or 2 Sportsmanship Points based on their experience and how it applies to the suggested (but certainly not comprehensive) guidelines below.
Obviously, your opponent’s list design or the fact you won or lost should not factor into your sportsmanship score.
Score Guidelines
1 – Your opponent’s attitude and/or gaming etiquette were consistently poor. They did numerous things during your game that were not in line with the rules or spirit of the game. At the judges’ discretion, you may be asked to explain giving this score.
2 – Normal opponent who gave you a good game, engaged with you personally, and practiced typical gaming etiquette.

Slow Play
The 9th Age is a game designed for 6 turns, for a fair game, both players should make every effort to complete the game within the 3 hours
A slow play penalty will be used in this tourney as a first step towards moving towards that goal.
When games do not complete the 5th turn the following penalties will be applied to both players
First time = Warning
Second time = -1
Third time = -2
Fourth time = -4
Fifth time = -8

Joe plays Gene and they do not finish turn 5 = both warned
Joe then plays Phil and they don’t finish turn 5 = Joe penalized -1 and Phil warned
Joe then plays Brandon and they don’t finish turn 5 = Joe penalized -2 and Brandon warned
Basically, we all know Joe plays slow and needs to be penalized

Each Game you will also check Yes/No for the following three questions
1. Did your opponent provide you with a copy of their army list
2. Was your opponent at the table and ready at the start of the round
3. Were your opponent’s models a fair representation of the unit, leaving no chance for confusion. (ex: two identical units with different equipment not represented on the models / armored Warriors used for a Succubi unit)

Players will receive 1 point for each Yes they receive
At the end of the tournament, you will also choose your favorite opponent who will receive 2 points, you will also pick your second favorite who will receive 1 point.
Players turning in the Favorite opponent sheet will receive 3 Sportsmanship point

Best Overall (1st – 3rd) – Battle Score, Sports, all Bonus, and Painting
Best Sports – (as voted by players)
Favorite Army – (as voted by players)

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